Long-term bottom protection additive

Demonstration experiment

yExperimental methodz
Applying to (brush 4 times) hydrolyzable ship bottom paint that is applied only hydrolyzable ship bottom paint, which is commercially available in the right half of the FRP plate was added to the sample on the left half, and is immersed in sea.

yStudy sitez
Tsu City, Mie Prefecture fishing port (Japan)

yExperimental periodz
October 14, 2012 - April 15, 2010 (30 months)

yCompound ratioz
Added 3% to the ship bottom paint weight.

yExperimental resultsz
Photo on the left as shown, FRP plate right was applied only ship bottom paint, attached barnacle is dense, but in the FRP plate left coated with BARNACLE GUARD addition of bottom paint, dipping to 30 months in seawater even in a state of being, marine organisms such as barnacles and mussels were not adhered almost.