Long-term bottom protection additive                                                 “ϊ–{Œκ  

BARNACLE GUARD to prevent long-term barnacle attachment to the ship's bottom

1 bag (120g/4.23oz) for 4kg/8.8lb of ship bottom paint

Product name

Internal capacity
For 4kg/8.8lb ship bottom paint cans : 120g/4.23oz
For medium and large commercial vessels : 1kg/2.2lb

œ It does not choose to use the waters, since it is barnacle adhesion measures at a fraction of the cost, this product can reduce the maintenance costs of the ship!

œ Just paint mix to ship bottom paint on the market, to protect the bottom repel the adhesion of barnacles and mussels to the bottom, however, it is not suitable for light alloy and alminium vessels, but can be used if you use the aluminum ship dedicated primer.

œ It is a ship bottom paint additive for eco-friendly made from natural products derived.

œ By the product invalidates the adhesion of barnacles and mussels, to prevent the adhesion of barnacles and mussels.

œ Persistence of the effect, that by mixing the product to hydration decomposition (self-consumable) type ship bottom paint, this product is time encapsulated continues to appear on the painted surfaces along with the degradation of the paint, repellent effect is maintained. Duration of the effect is proportional to the thickness of the paint mixed with this product. Therefore, there is no effect on the part of paint mixed with this product is bald.

There is a description of the "OVER 2 YEARS EFFECT" in the old catalog and old package, there are cases where the effect is shorter due to the nature of the ship's bottom paint occupancy rates and the number of times the ship recoating.